Hard times for Europe

We live in hard times. As people and media seem to be able to swallow only one crisis at the same time, Syria, the Palestine-Israel conflict and murder in parts of Africa have been superseded by Mr. Putin´s actions and turmoil in Ukraine. Considering the participants in this seminar, I probably do not...

Political Islam Fails Egypt’s Test

The op-ed columnist of The New York Times Roger Cohen writes about the situation in Egypt.

The Blight of Return

The Op-Ed Columnist Roger Cohen writes in the New Yok Times about the sitaution in the Middle East.

The Spirit of America

Op-Ed Columnist of The New York Times, Roger Cohen, writes about the the spirit of America in an attempt to define what America is.

Varför Sfp? Miksi RKP? Why Sfp?

Inget parti motsvarar allt det man står för. Men år 2012 finns det goda orsaker för att välja att kandidera för Sfp.

The End of Nortopia?

1 aug 2012 | Bernd Henningsen
Right-wing populism in Europe is, 66 years after the military defeat of Fascism and National Socialism, again a political reality.

Meet Ahmed: A Swedish-speaking Finnish Somali

Yle(8.12.) presenterar Ahmed Hassan, 27-år och nyvald ordförande för SU i Helsingfors.

Med humorn som vapen

Usama Bin Laden är död. Sannfinländarna skrällsegrar i riksdagsvalet. Japan är det nya Tjernobyl. Och Englands Prince William gifter sig med pompa och ståt. Otaliga händelser som kommer att gå till historien har slagits om nyhetsutrymmet de senaste veckorna.

The Candidate’s Wife

The stylist looked over my clothes. "Yes, this is exactly the sort of thing I thought you would have in your wardrobe," he said, eyeing my modest collection of suits with barely disguised disdain. He picked up a blue jacket gingerly, as if the dye might rub off in his hands. "This is a very ... difficult...
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